What’s Xslides?
That’s a question many will have asked at social media.
Xslides is actively developed project in Bolorsoft and currently the beta release of web version is available on the internet. We introduced it at CeBIT 2015 in Germany.
Xslides is the Next Generation Presentation Approach, changing the classical way of creating and presenting the presentations.
Are you wondering why we are developing presentation software, while there exist Powerpoint or Prezi etc powerful tools. The reason is, as of today the most widely used presentation tools are all same in one perspective. Well now you might be thinking that no Prezi is different, it has nice zooming effect. The thing is, within these tools, how people prepare their presentation is, first they think of the structure of their presentation, but then in the end regardless of these structures every slides are created sequentially. In other words, slides doesn’t have clear structure. Let’s say you are creating 100 slides, and by the 40th slides you want to go back and change something in previous slides, which you don’t remember exactly where it is. Well it results in inconvenient scrolling process and waste of time. With our software you have table like clear structure. Rows as subtopics of your presentation whereas columns are your details. Down -> To details as natural mapping. You can name your each slides, or just keep track by viewing the whole structure.

From presenting point of view, during presentation you can jump to any slides or skip the current topic and change to the next one. It’s new kind of a presenting freedom, which none of the powerful tools provide. You might think, well you can create hyperlink in powerpoint and jump between slides. If so what about the unexpected situations? What if you get request from the audience during your presentation to go back and explain something more in detail?

Xslides is interactive and easy to use.
Are you creating a diagram or a table using excel or other software then making screenshot and importing it to your presentation?
Using Xslides you could directly generate that objects in seconds by giving your numeric data.
How much time do you spent to create a formula? In Xslides you can directly create your formula object with Tex syntax.
You could also embed your video and play it at presentation or you could put your 3D objects and manipulate they during the presenting.

Xslides is ubiquitous.
You can create and present your presentations anywhere using the web version of Xslides. It also can be even used offline, since we will provide the mobile and desktop version as well (planned). Thus giving our users possibility to create and modify their presentations whenever they need on a trip, on a plane, etc.

Xslides is not locked into Cloud.
Are you wondering who is going to manage your data? Are you concerned about your patent and privacy of you presentations? With us you are safe, meaning that there is nothing mysterious with us like cloud. It is totally up to your decision. You can either store your data on our web server, but if you don’t want, you can export the presentation and save it locally on your hard drive and delete from the web server. Next time you want to make change to your presentation import it and edit.


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